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It's clear you are curious, and I commend you for that!


At one point I was too. I wanted to create a fulfilling life

that granted me freedom, a schedule of my own,

lots of money, and the liberty to travel whenever I wanted!


One day I got tired of watching everyone else do it so I invested in all the knowledge I could get,


and before you know it, here I am 4 years later with no 9-5 job, living off Instagram and YouTube making 5-6 figures yearly!


That can be you too! Seriously! I'm not joking!

No matter how oversaturated influencing may seem, big brands and corporations aren't shying away from paying the next person in line who has great content and authority with their audience. 


All you have to do is understand that you are being paid to be an Independent Contractor that provides Marketing Services for brands.

This might sound scary but I promise you all it takes is being yourself, a little inspiration from other influencers work, getting clear on what niches you want to work in, and simply taking quality images and video to post!

It's that simple and what makes the  "Get Paid To Influence 2.0" course so valuable is half of the research and work is already done for you!



Half of the research and work is already done for you.


I walk you through a step by step process of how I go to where I am today in my influencer career. 


You are provided 12 email templates to help you start pitching yourself for paid deals, PR packages, and PR events.


We provide you a list of great paying non-exclusive agencies and an email

search engine that allows you to immediately find contacts at brands.





In fact, you can have even as low as 500 followers. Why? Because this year in 2020 not only are Micro-influencers still IN, you know the people with 50k to 500k, but brands are now targeting nano influencers, those with 2000 followers. 


I know you might be thinking, "Kaylen, I don't have a lot of followers like you." Well, what if I told you that you don't need 100k

or more followers to start getting paid and receiving free product?!


This is great news! This means you aren’t left out and you can get started today!

Remember in this course, you will learn how to pitch yourself to get paid, get connected with Top Influencer Agencies, learn what to charge for y our content, how to double up on content to stay consistent with posting, and you’ll be provided with a list of insider resources that paid influencers are using every day.

You honestly have it all made for you in this online course.

Don't be afraid to take a chance. Face it, we spend x amount of dollars on food and clothes every single day and if only we could have used that same money to invest in a course that will make us even more money, would we all be living our best lives together! 



Give it a shot, your next level of life is waiting for you at the end of the course!  

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