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So often I get asked, "What do you do?" and to most of you it looks like I live my best authentic life and post in my favorite Revolve piece of the week, but in reality, I am an Independent Contractor who gets hired to wear, enjoy, and post her favorite brands for high pay...I can't stand paying taxes. 🤪


Anyway, I this year after being hit with a world pandemic watched so many of my loved ones go under, losing jobs, homes, and businesses, yet they never took the time out to utilize their personal social media platforms. 🥺


I so desperately don't want that for any of you! Regardless if you have 2000, 10K, or 100K followers, if you aren't making money off your post, let's start now! ❗️


I have in this course 6 years of experience, expertise, tips, and resources for you to use at the comfort of your home and I honestly can't express in the most genuine way how much my step-by-step course is going to change your financial life. 


Once you have this course you won't have to pay another dime to get started on your Influencer career. I promise, you don't want to miss out ❤️






In this course, you will gain access to information that will: 


1️⃣ Coach you on the specific daily task, duties, & work ethics of an influencer.

2️⃣ Educate you on what specific business an Influencer is running & being contracted for 

3️⃣ Provide clarity on how to be strategic with your brand relationships & sponsorships. 

4️⃣ Teach you how to manage & pitch yourself for a consistent and lucrative influencer career 

5️⃣ 12 Email Templates that’ll get you booked, paid, and in demand. 

6️⃣ List to top-paying influencer agencies with major brands like ULTA, UBER, SEPHORA, etc. 

7️⃣ Find out what brands are paying big bucks for


Resources You Will Be Provided 

  • List of Exclusive Influencer Agencies
  • List of Editing Apps
  • List of Website Tools
  • 12 Email Templates
  • Media Kit Template


One-Time Email Consultation

  • After having enrolled and taking the Get Paid To Influence 2.0 Course you will have the opportunity to get a one-time email consultation on anything related to the course. 


ALL content and PDFs will be sent in an email once you sign contract and make your payment.




Due to the immediate, direct access to all course materials, videos and assets, we do not offer refunds of any kind. 

Get Paid To Influence 2.0 Package

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