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What you do for free on social media, Influencers are doing for a fee! However, that doesn't have to be your reality any longer. You too can stop working 9-5 jobs and gain free time to live out your dreams and gain financial freedom just by posting content for brands on your social media platforms. 


Whether you have under 10,000 followers or more than 100,000 followers this course is for you. I'll be guiding not only the newbie who has what it takes to get paid as an Influencer but I will also be giving tips to the Pro Influencer who is looking to take it to the next level. 


In this course you will..



  • Financial Freedom
  • Product From Your Favorite Brands
  • Social Popularity
  • Knowledge & Resources
  • Confidence 
  • Clarity
  • Freedom To Explore Other Passions In Your Life



  • How & What To Influence
  • What An Micro Influencer Is & How Being One Benefits You
  • How To Get Paid By Brands Consistently
  • How To Manage Yourself
  • What Technology To Use
  • How To Gain Followers
  • How To Send Professional Emails
  • How To Get Verified 
  • What To Do If Brands Don't Pay You
  • How To Gain Exposure In The Media
  • How To Build A PR List

+ so much more 



  • List of Influencer Agencies
  • List of Editing Apps
  • List of Website Tools
  • Email Templates
  • Rate Card Template
  • Media Kit


One-Time Email Consultation

  • After having enrolled and taking the Get Paid To Influence 2.0 Course you will have the opportunity to get a one-time email consultation on anything related to the course. 


ALL content and PDFs will be sent in an email once you sign contract and make your payment.




Due to the immediate, direct access to all course materials, videos and assets, we do not offer refunds of any kind. 

Get Paid To Influence 2.0 Package